Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the late response.. I am Pradeep Banker a resident of Bangalore (currently in Pune Partially due to bad health and partly on account of my job).

First of all, congratulations to all involved in the BlankNoise Project. I don't remember the last time I saw so many people join hands for a noble cause.

With this, let me share my opinion about the concept of eve-teasing.

I personally believe that Eve-teasing is a criminal activity and verbal or action oriented harrasment is nothing short of sexual assualt. And us-Indians have some how taken it as a part of our life.

The ladies in Indian house are used to ignoring and pretending not to be bothered by regular chasers, comments and obscene attempts of impressing. How did this culture develop? How did the culture which held women up in high esteem suddenly droop so much? What's the cause of such impropriety?

There could be many reasons. And frankly I do not know all of them. But one thing seems to be too obvious to me. and that is the attitude of the victim. If the ladies turn a blind eye towards it, It'll just give the offender more power and confidance in repeating the act.

Lemme give you a live case. It's hard to believe that only 38 cases of eve-teasing have been reported in Bangalore in the year 2005!!

Tell me how many ladies belonging to the Bangalore would swear to it that they have been teased hardly once in a 10 days gap?!! It happens everyday.Every women is harrased by the so called studds (though a misnomer for such cheap skates who think their manhood lies in showing thier teasing ability). so even if we take an average of 1 incidence per day,per woman in bangalore, it amounts upto 730000000 cases of Harassement every year! and still only 38 incidents are reported.

Again, I'm the last person to advocate voilence in any form. So,I firmly believe that actions have to be taken but in the most appropriate manner. I say actions because just another act against women's harassement or a more vigil police force will not be enough to eradicate the problem.

Unlike the idiots who indulge in such unmanly acts, We as a society should take a civilised decision as to how to arrest this nuisance in the society.

Yes,the offenders should be thoroughly taken at task so they know what harassment means..
Yes,The victim should also be safegaurded from the from the convicted (once she reports to the police)
Yes,the police have to be on thier toes..
Yes,there should be growing awarness about this nuisance...

But all this should be DONE. And for that, many like me can act not more than assistants.
I call upon all the ladies who will read this blog to stand up against this. And would be surprised to see many like me backing you up.

Action ladies, is the word.

The organisers of BlankNoise have succeeded in finishing the herculean task of getting getting people together. So without any delay,before any more women feel helpless in this land where civilisation is reduced to just pretense, Stand up for ur rights....